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Terms of Use



As it turns up from the regulation of the Relationship contract between Hotel Managers and theis clientelle and according to the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, we hereby would like to make known the terms No 2 and No 19 of the Law mentioned above that concern the financial tactics of our Hotel.

1. The Hotel Manager is obliged to reply to the client by writing or by cable within 3 days that he/she accepts or not the rental request(s) of the room(s) that have been previously conveyed to him/her by writing or by cable and in an affirmative case he/she is entitled to demand for 25% advance of the total bill of the total accomodation requested. The sum of the advance shouldn’t be less than one day’s rental. The reservation request is considered to be valid after the intake of the advance seta as above or by written acceptance of the reservation from the Hotel Manager.

2. The client’s bills are usually collected each week. The Hotel Manager though is authorized to ask for the pay-off of the bill daily. In case of a non-prompt payment in full of the bill, the Hotel Manager has the right to deny the rent’s continuation of the room or the bed and to withhold at the departure of the debtor client all his/her personal belongings that have been entered or handed at the Hotel area, under the terms of the Law, Article No 5 of the Rule 5205/1931.